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This article contains links to podcasts and CPD modules to support children coming from Ukraine

 Wexford Education Centre CPD modules

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The Wexford Education Support Centre is offering three online courses for teachers and educators with our director Dr La Morgia.

The courses are free, but registration is required. Click on the titles to find out more and register.

Ukraine – Supporting Children in our School Communities

School communities have begun to welcome children from Ukraine and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. Images and talk of war can be upsetting and raise anxiety levels within the school community. To support the children, the Department of Education has published supporting guidance for schools and parents. A cross departmental committee has been established by the Department of Children and includes the DE and Inspectorate. Schools will receive communication from this group as plans progress. Updates will also be included in the weekly e-scéal.

Voices from the International Confederation of Principals
The International Confederation of Principals has been working closely with school leaders in Ukraine. In a podcast, past Presidents Ari Pokka and Fiona Forbes describe a recent visit to the country and the brave leadership being shown by Ukrainian school leaders. Both Ari and Fiona explore how best support can be shown for our colleagues in Ukraine.


Child Psychology Institute

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The world is struggling to comprehend what's happening in Ukraine - this is our way of supporting you and the children you support.

This free online CPD course has been created to support you to have difficult but necessary conversations with children. Our phones, televisions and newspapers are being bombarded by horrific imagery and narratives around the potentially impending Russian/Ukrainian War. This is a scary time for children of all ages with all levels of understanding, particularly after they have heroically come through two years of a pandemic that so radically changed their worldview.

Please share with anyone who might need this resource.

This course is specifically suited for parents, teachers and professionals working with children of all ages and all abilities. You will learn:

  • Specific strategies around conveying information to children, holding space for their understanding and allowing them time to rationalise in their own time
  • A 12 point step-by-step guide in how to practically facilitate group chats or individual conversations with children of all ages
  • How to use art and play to ensure children process their thoughts, feelings and energy after this heavy deep work
  • The importance of supporting yourself in these testing times by taking care of your nervous system through reflection and grounding exercises.

Understanding how trauma impacts children, how this presents and how professionals can support children who have been impacted
Enrol in Working With Children Who Have Experienced Trauma - Payment required

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