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The attached lists many of the potential policies that may be required in an individual school. The second column indicates whether there is a sample available to download from this website in the School Policy section or other sections within the Poli ...

Mason Hayes & Curran Solicitors’ Education Team facilitated a webinar to discuss the draft Admission Policy for primary schools.

During the webinar, the Education Team foc ...

Enrolment Policy for Autism Unit

Useful as part of a review of a school's code of conduct/behaviour/discipline. It includes the following checklists:

  • Principles Underpinning an Effective Code of Behaviour
  • Addressing Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Use of San ...

This sample policy includes:

  • aims of the code
  • responsibility of adults
  • school rules
  • class rules
  • incentives/reward system
    • 'stamp system'
  • unacceptable behavio ...

This sample policy includes the following:

  • school rules
  • caring for myself
  • caring for others
  • bullying
  • clár ama
  • homework
  • strategies
  • procedures
  • examples of misd ...

An alternative to the two other versions, this code includes:

  • discipline for learning
  • restorative practice
    • Questions to respond to Challenging Behaviour
    • To help those harmed by other actions
    • ...

This document asks and answers the following questions:

  • What is bullying?
  • What does it feel like to be bullied?
  • Why do some people bully?
  • Why are some young people bullied?
  • Signs of bullying
  • ...

Includes a description of the process used to identify and resolve child to child bullying and adult bullying (of other adults and of children).

This sample policy is included in the

Seán Fallon founded the Anti-bullying Campaign which had input to the DES revised Guidelines on Bullying Prevention issued to schools in 2013. The attached statement is fully compliant with the revised guidelines.  

Includes prescription medication, allergies, emergency procedures, contents of first aid boxes, roles and responsibilities.

Appendices provide sample forms for parents to complete in relation to:

  • Medical condition and administrat ...

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