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IPPN provides several forms of support to help principals deal with managing workload and identifying priorities e.g. IPPN Leadership Support, IPPN website, IPPN Resource Bundles, IPPN Support Groups, IPPN CPD, IPPN Mailing Lists, Subseeker, TextaParent etc.

IPPN is acutely aware that managing workload continues to be a major issue facing principals and is constantly striving to support principals. With this in mind, IPPN ran a pilot called ‘Partner Principals’ from January to June 2018. Following the success of the pilot, Partner Principals is now an official IPPN Support.


Principals identify, either through IPPN Support Groups or their own networks, another principal who would develop a partnership with them. They seek approval from their Boards of Management - a sample letter for Boards of Managements is available below. Principals agree to meet on a monthly basis, in each other’s schools, to deal with a piece of work together. For example, in September, they might review what policies they will be working on during the year and work on the research together. In April, they might meet up to discuss how they propose to deal with class allocation and they could be a ‘critical friend’ to each other. In May, they could discuss how they are going to organise special education issues for the following year. In June, they could meet to discuss how they will deal with any issues which arise over the summer and organisational arrangements for September. Please review the resources below for full details.


This is an article by Gerard Ruane, Principal of Parteen NS, Co Clare & member of IPPN's Board of Directors

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