Covid-19 - Latest Updates

Webinar - Maintaining momentum with distance learning the digital divide

Following on from feedback from the Sustaining Momentum Webinar, Simon Lewis will tackle some of the questions remaining to address what is becoming known as The Digital Divide. In this interactive session, Simon will talk about:

  • 6 Specific Ideas to sustain momentum in June
  • Template for Data Protection and AUP Update in light of Distance Learning
  • Whirlwind Tour of Online Platforms - getting ready for September

After this, Simon will take part in a Live Questions and Answers session.

Simon is an IPPN Board Member and is well known for his work with technology in education for the last two decades.

It is on Tuesday, June 2nd at 2pm and can be booked here: 

Please note Simon has another webinar planned as noted here:

11am - Wednesday 3rd June: Wexford Education Centre (with Damian White & Catriona O'Reilly) Aimed at Deputy Principals:

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