0037/2013 - Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) - Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for the 2013/2014 school year

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What happens if I have an SNA Redundancy in my school?
• SNA should be formally notified of the redundancy
SNA RED1 Form & RP50 Form should be completed and forwarded to DES NTS Payroll Redundancy Unit
• A Special Needs Assistants’ Supplementary Assignment Form should be completed immediately by the BoM for SNAs with a minimum of 1 year’s experience as of 1st May 2013. Please note this experience does not include substitute cover or SNAs whose hours have been reduced. A certified copy of the completed form should be given to the SNA.

How do I fill an SNA vacancy in my school?
• Supplementary Assignment Panel rules do not apply to the filling of substitute vacancies (maternity leave, sick leave, career break etc).  An SNA’s panel rights are not affected by taking up a substitute position
• BoM can allocate up to and including 0.5 of an SNA post to an existing member of staff without advertising the vacancy
• All other SNA vacancies must be advertised as per Appendix E, Constitution of Boards & Rules of Procedure 2011
• Should an application be received from an SNA with certified panel rights, then the BoM is obliged to offer the vacancy to that SNA, subject to meeting all essential qualifications, competencies and requirements as advertised
• If there are 3 eligible applicants or fewer, all eligible applicants should be called for interview.  If there are more than 3, at least 3 eligible applicants should be called for interview.
• If the BoM does not receive an application from a certified panel applicant or if, following interview, it is considered that no panel applicant meets the requirements, the BoM can fill the vacancy using normal recruitment practices
• Acceptance of the vacancy by the SNA should be notified to the BoM no later than 8 days from the date of the letter of offer
• An SNA appointed from the panel becomes the most junior SNA for seniority purposes.

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