Strategic Priorities 2021 - 2025

SP 2025

As the professional body for school leaders, IPPN provides supports and services that empower those school leaders to be as effective as they can be in their role, as we know the transformational impact that effective school leadership has on schools. Similarly, IPPN’s advocacy role is to ensure that the optimum environment is created within the system that will allow school leaders to maintain their focus on their core purpose of leading teaching and learning in the particular context of their school. To inform this work, we establish priorities that form the basis of our strategic plan.

As we progress from a period that required the development of new ways of working in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and, as new leadership challenges emerge, we map out in the IPPN Strategic Priorities 2021-2025 publication IPPN’s strategic priorities and how we will seek to proactively meet the needs of primary school leaders over the next five years. Chief among these priorities is to look

in detail at what is required for the leadership role to be sustainable in every type and size of primary school.

This strategy was developed in consultation with IPPN members, our Board, staff and key stakeholders across the education sector. We are indebted to everyone who contributed to the process and we look forward to engaging with school leaders and with stakeholders in delivering on this plan.

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IPPN has undertaken a process of engagement to define our strategic priorities for the five-year period 2021-2025. Our approach included consultation with:
■ IPPN members, through 318 responses to our online survey;
■ IPPN staff and Board members, through 28 one-to-one interviews;
■ External stakeholders in the education sector, through 24 one- to-one interviews.

During this process, IPPN also facilitated design thinking workshops with IPPN staff, advisory groups and Board members. IPPN would like to thank its members, staff, Board members, advisors, and those external education stakeholders who contributed to defining our ambitious 5-year strategic priorities.


Five primary strategic priority areas were identified for IPPN for 2021- 2025 during this process:
1. Sustainable Leadership
2. Professional Learning for Leadership
3. Member Engagement
4. Communications
5. Governance.



1. Sustainable Leadership - to build
a shared understanding of the role of school leadership and to support accessible pathways that enable aspiring and existing leaders to succeed in these roles.

Professional Learning for Leadership - to strengthen our facilitation of training, learning and continuing professional development - ensuring this is inclusive, relevant, and valued by members and staff.

2. Member Engagement - to provide all our members with access
to the resources, guidance and network required to support them in their roles as school leaders and, through this engagement, to attain insights that will inform IPPN’s future plans and maximise our impact.

3. Communications - to embed effective communication in
all aspects of IPPN’s work and to continue to improve
communication with our members, our staff and the wider education sector

4. Governance - to strengthen IPPN’s governance structures to ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability at all levels within the organisation.


For each of the key priority areas outlined above, we have identified between four and six strategic actions, as well as metrics which define what success looks like. Measurement of progress against the plan is crucial so baseline data as well as interim and end-of-plan metrics will form part of the progress tracking and review processes.

IPPN recognises the importance of continuing to adopt new technologies and of embedding innovation in our work to assist in effectively communicating with and supporting our members and stakeholders. Utilisation of technology and innovation will underpin IPPN’s delivery within each of the five strategic priority areas identified.

The implementation of our strategic priorities will be led by the IPPN Support Office team and will be overseen by IPPN’s Board.

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