Group Mentoring for NAPs

Mentoring Programme for Newly Appointed Principals

Mentoring is available to all newly appointed Principals in their first and second years of leadership.Mentoring

CSL organises and oversees One-to-One Mentoring during year 1 of the Newly Appointed Principal’s career.

IPPN organises and oversees Group Mentoring for all Principals in their second year of leadership. This is a formal mentoring relationship which commences in September and continues until June of the following year. The focus of Group Mentoring is to provide participants with a support network of principals, at the same stage of leadership, under the direction of a trained Group Mentor. IPPN recruits and trains the Group Mentors, who are all experienced principals.

Each Group Mentor is assigned a group of 4 to 8 Mentees, depending on the number of Mentees in a particular locality. The Groups meet 5 times per year and provide a safe and confidential space for members to discuss issues of particular concern to them. Additionally, Group Members often form a network of contacts to support them between meetings. Each Group organises their meetings at a time and place to suit the members. Where it may be impractical to organise all meetings as face-to-face meetings, some meetings may be organised online.

On completion of Group Mentoring, principals are encouraged to join a Local Support Group to continue establishing networks of support throughout their leadership careers.

For further information on availing of a one to one or group mentoring please email

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