All appointments of teachers in the school shall be made by the Board of Management in accordance with the Rules for National Schools and subject to the prior approval of the Patron. For your convenience you will find below a number of resources useful in filling of a vacancy in your school and the related documents - Contracts, marking matrix, interview strategies etc.


To: Boards of Management, Principal Teachers and all Teaching Staff in Ordinary Primary Schools and Special Schools A. Eligibility Criteria for Appointment as Principal Teacher in Primary and Special Schools: B. Change to the Procedure for the Assessme ...

Recommendations in the event that the Board of Management decides to accept applications for vacancies electronically.

Template letter confirming the name of the successful candidate for a teaching post.

Template letter to be sent to the Patron seeking sanction for the appointment of the teacher selected by the interview board.

Invitation to interview - template letter

Letter templates 'as Gaeilge' from the Board of Management to the Patron/Bishop providing details of appointments made. 7 letter templates in total within the document, one per page.

David Ruddy, BL and Principal of Talbot Senior School, Clondalkin facilitated Limerick’s County Network Meeting which focused on Employment Law & Health & Safety.  Topics covered included:


It is advisable that the BoM be familiar with the following in relation to the recruitment of staff: 

  • Education Act 1998
  • Equal Status Act 2000
  • Education Welfare Act 2002
  • Circulars 2/02, 07/02, 08/02, 17 ...

Powerpoint Presentation - includes information on planning and preparing for staff interviews, hints and tips in relation to questions and putting people at ease

Form to capture agreed shortlist criteria and candidates shortlisted for interview

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