Sustainable Leadership

Primary School Leadership: The Case for Urgent Action - A Roadmap to Sustainability

CoverWe are delighted to share with you a copy of IPPN’s research publication Primary School Leadership: The Case for Urgent Action - A Roadmap to Sustainability. This report is the culmination of over two years of research and consultation exploring the current reality and sustainability of primary leadership and six related themes:

  1. Effective School Leadership & Core Purpose
  2. Preparation for Leadership
  3. Recruitment
  4. Time and Space to Lead
  5. Sharing and Supporting Leadership
  6. Governance.

Each of these chapters sets out recommendations - or a roadmap to sustainability - for that aspect of school leadership.

In formulating this report, IPPN has consulted with thousands of members, with the IPPN Board of Directors and with ‘critical friends’ of IPPN who are deeply committed to, and working in, the Irish primary education sector. We sincerely thank those members who provided input to the Deakin University research commissioned by IPPN and NAPD on the health and wellbeing of school leaders, and to the IPPN consultation survey on the sustainability of your leadership role. Thanks also to the hundreds of members who participated in focus groups, which looked at each of the themes in detail; these discussions were invaluable in ensuring that the ‘current reality’ captured all the key issues, and in surfacing potential solutions to be considered in respect of the recommendations.

The report was launched this afternoon at the IPPN Annual Principals’ Conference in Killarney. Minister Foley and her officials have also received a copy of the report and we expect the Minister to comment on it during her input tomorrow morning.

We will be working with the Secretary General, the Minister and their officials, as well as our fellow education partners to progress the recommendations contained in the report in the coming months, and will keep members informed of progress.

We would encourage you to share this report with your management team and your Board of Management.

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Sustainable Leadership Focus Groups - Zoom meeting details

IPPN will be hosting a number of focus group meetings on the following topics via Zoom at 3.30pm on the days noted below.  

  • Time & Space to Lead on Thursday, March 31st 
  • Sharing & Supporting Leadership on Tuesday, April 5th 
  • Governance & Boards of Management on Thursday, April 7th 

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Register for the Irish Principal and Deputy Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey

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A Chairde,

As previously advised, registration to participate in the Irish Principal and Deputy Principal Health and Wellbeing survey is available from today, Monday, 28th February, via the following link: Register Here!

This research is being conducted in response to concerns that the increasing complexity and workload demands of school leadership roles is impacting on the health and well-being of Irish school leaders.

Registration can be readily completed on a mobile phone, but the research team strongly recommends that you would use a laptop, tablet or PC to undertake the survey, for ease of navigation.

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Overview of Sustainable Leadership and Deakin Research projects

IPPN President Brian O'Doherty is leading our Sustainable Leadership project.

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Brian wrote an overview of the project in Issue 118 (May/June 2021) of Leadership+. Click here to read the overview


He also wrote for Leadership+ Issue 121 (February 2022) to explain the School Leaders' Health and Wellbeing Research Project, which will be a key input to the Sustainable Leadership project.  Click here to read the overview


IPPN & NAPD Research Project Launch

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