A description of those ancillary staff currently emplyed in the school and their duties.

Template for teachers to indicate preferred class allocation. See related article on Class Allocation in Leadership+ issue 68.

This policy document for external sports and arts agencies and coaches includes:

  • guidelines for teachers
  • a description of
    • integrity in relationships
    • fair play
    • atmosphere and ethos
    • ...


  • guiding principles
  • sample schedule of duties under the following headings
    • organisational
    • curricular
    • pastoral
    • learning support and special educational needs.

Sections 22, 23, 24 of the Education Act

Can be used for various purposes

Staff Extra Personal Vacation Days policy. Replaces multiple separate policy documents.

Under rule 58 of the Rules for National Schools, teachers are entitled to Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) on foot of attending approved summer courses.

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