Template letter asking parents for their feedback/approval of a revised draft Code of conduct/code of discipline/code of behaviour.


Advice for Parents if the school is closed or children are sick owing to an outbreak of swine flu

Complaints Procedure included here is the 5-stage process agreed by the teacher union and management bodies. See also Parents - Issue Resolution Process Overview...

See attached flowchart submitted by a Principal - show the flow of action to be taken when raising an issue with the school, who to contact first, what happens if the issue is still not resolved etc.

Transcript of an interview on the topic of Reporting Standardised Test Results to Parents with Professor Eugene Wall, educational psychologist, Vice-President of Mary Immaculate College in Limerick and co-author of both the Micra-T and Sigma-T st ...

See also Establishing a School Council which is stored under Policies & Plans - School Policies

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