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Suggested rules for lunch time - in classroom and in the yard/playground. Could be amalgamated into Code of Behaviour/ Information Booklet.

A publication developed by the following organisations:

  • Asthma Society of Ireland
  • Diabetes Federation of Ireland
  • Brainwave - the Irish epilepsy organisation
  • Anaphylaxis Ireland - supporting those living with ...

Includes points on:

  • class groups
  • timetabling
  • seating
  • peer tutoring
  • organisational strategies
  • split classes
  • typical problems with multi-grade classes
  • advantages to mult ...

Can be used in conjunction with the Nut Allergy Plan.

Can be used in conjunction with the sample Letter to Parents - Nut Allergy.

Includes parent teacher meetings, complains procedure, general communications between parents and teachers.

Policy 'as Gaeilge' for those on work experience or teaching practice

Also referred to as 'Arrival & Dismissal Policy'.

Includes the following:

  • roles and responsibilities of
    • teachers
    • parents
    • pupils
    • bus drivers
  • ...

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