IPPN - City/County Networks

The following are the provisions from IPPN Constitutiion which governs the way our City/County Networks & National Council operates: 

City/County Networks

All principals and deputy principals of primary schools (including acting Principals and acting Deputy Principals) shall be eligible to become full members of The Company and participate in the relevant City/County Network.

The membership of The Company shall be divided into Networks, based on the boundaries of the thirty-one City, County and City and County Councils, and each member will belong to the Network determined by the City/County in which the school, where the member is employed, is situated.

Each City/County Network (CN) shall facilitate the formation of Local Support Groups (LSGs) in co-operation with other relevant bodies, to support the members within their City/County Network.

Each City/County Network shall elect three nominees to the National Council to serve for a three-year term. A Council Member may serve for a maximum of two, three-year terms in their lifetime. Each nominee will be elected to one of the Committees of the Council.

Each Network may elect a City/County Network Committee (CNC), to fulfil the aims and functions of The Company, in their respective City/County Network. CNCs shall operate within the Byelaws set by the Board from time to time.

Voting for National Council nominees and any positions on a City/County Network Committee shall be in accordance with IPPN’s Electoral Bye-laws.

An Annual Meeting of each City/County Network will be held during the first school term in each year, no later than by October 22nd, at which only full members, who have paid their annual subscription, shall be eligible and entitled to attend and vote. The Board and/or the Support Office will be represented at every annual meeting. Where a CNC has been elected, it will report to the Annual Meeting.

Vacancies among the nominees to National Council or on a City/County Network Committee occurring during the course of any term shall be filled by candidates in the reverse order in which they were eliminated during the original election. Where there were no other, or insufficient candidates, the position(s) will remain unfilled until the next Annual Meeting.

National Council

The National Council (NC) shall consist of three elected nominees from each City/County Network.

The responsibilities of each National Council member shall be to:

  1. ensure effective two-way communication between the National Council and the City/County Networks and Local Support Groups
  2. represent the key professional issues, concerns and needs of the member’s City/County Network to the Board, National Council and its Committees and Working Groups
  3. assist the Board of Directors and National Council in developing The Company policy by active participation in the Committee to which they were elected and any Working Groups which might be established.
  4. attend the Annual General Meeting of the Company

The National Council shall meet at least once during each school term to a schedule agreed by the Board in advance of each calendar year. Proposals for the agenda of any meeting shall be forwarded to a nominee of The Chief Executive Officer, not less than two weeks prior to such meeting. Seven days written notice of the agenda of each National Council meeting will be sent to each member.

Additional meetings of the National Council may be called at any time by the President, the Board or by 25% of members of the National Council. Where a meeting is called by the President or the Board, at least seven days’ notice of the agenda for any such meeting will be given to each member. Where the meeting is requested by at least 25% of the members the CEO in consultation with the Board shall set a date for the meeting no later than 28 days after receipt of the written request and at least seven days’ notice of the agenda for any such meeting will be given to each member.

Each City/County Network nominee shall have a vote at a National Council meeting in accordance with IPPN Electoral Bye-Laws

A quorum of 50% of Council members plus one shall apply to meetings of National Council and its Committees and Working Group meetings.

All decisions requiring Council ratification, as determined by the Board of Directors, except elections, shall be decided by a simple majority of Council representatives present and eligible to vote. Elections shall be in accordance with IPPN’s Electoral Bye-Laws.

A member of the National Council who is absent without valid reason for two consecutive meetings of the National Council or of any committee or working group of which they are a member will forfeit his/her membership of National Council or the committee or working group.

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