CSL Update - October 2021

Strategic Plan Overview

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  • 177 primary mentoring matches have been made, with mentors meeting their mentees for the first time during the month of September
  • The support of newly appointed principals in your local area is essential to ensure that they are aware of PSDT’s Misneach, CSL’s mentoring and coaching supports, and all IPPN’s bespoke supports for them
  • CSL Bespoke Mentoring is open to those principals experiencing significant challenge. For more information, contact office@cslireland.ie or amrooney@cslireland.ie
  • Mentor Training will take place in early 2022 in Sligo, Navan, Portlaoise and Ennis
  • Professional Learning Days are planned for November but will depend on the DE’s guidance around public health advice


  • The coaching support is available to all principals who have not yet accessed one-to-one coaching. They are entitled to six coaching sessions, a chemistry check in advance of the meetings and a final meeting when the six sessions are completed
  • There are 58 coaches available in six regions countrywide
  • All principals who have engaged in four one-to-one coaching sessions have the opportunity to engage in team coaching with five other members of their leadership teams


  • Cohort Five participants begin the PDSL programme this week. The programme has been over-subscribed with 300 participants registered and waiting lists in Dublin, Cork, Laois and Athlone


  • CSL endorsed 12 programmes in June bringing the total number of endorsed programmes to 26

Middle Leadership Project

  • This project includes 35 schools in both Clare and Kildare Education Centres and 12 CSL Facilitators (six primary and six post-primary)
  • The Opening Event took place on Tuesday September 14th @ 4-15pm

The Shared Calendar

  • Stakeholders have been working hard to upload provision to the calendar and it is envisaged that the calendar will become an essential tool in system planning and school leader engagement in professional learning


  • CSL will organise a Middle Leadership Meet at this year’s Féilte on October 4th

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