Would you like to become a formally-trained CSL Mentor?

CSLWould you like to become a formally-trained CSL Mentor? There are almost 500 CSL-trained mentors countrywide, 400 primary and 100 post-primary, supporting approximately 300 newly-appointed principals each year. For their generosity and engagement in this voluntary work, all CSL mentors are offered two residential professional learning events each year and travel expenses are paid according to DE rates, terms and conditions.

The criteria for principals applying to the mentoring programme are as follows:

  • Being an established school leader of at least four years or retired within one year (please inform retired colleagues)
  • Experience in networking with other principals
  • Professional credibility and respect amongst principals in your local area
  • Experience of working with or advising newly-appointed principals
  • Availability for training on the training dates
  • A commitment to access the CSL coaching service (if not already accessed) This criterion is not relevant to retired applicants.

Training begins at 4pm on the first day and runs from 9am to 4pm on the second day. Substitution cover is available to both teaching and administrative principals for the second day and to teaching principals who have to travel a distance on the first day.

Eligible principals will be invited to apply to be trained next year, and mentoring work will begin for them in September 2022.

What will be expected from those who undertake the training?

  • A requirement to attend a 1.5-day residential programme for two sessions and a Professional Learning Day in April 2022
  • A commitment to having contact with your mentee on a fortnightly basis via phone or email if requested by the mentee
  • A commitment to a 2-hour meeting once a month for the first year of the newly-appointed principal’s appointment

How will the Principal Mentor benefit?

  • An opportunity to engage in quality professional learning for you in your own leadership position, which will include a study of interpersonal skills, reflection on the role of the principal and up-to-date upskilling on all aspects of mentoring
  • An opportunity to help a fellow professional and to embed mentoring into the profession
  • Engagement in a mutually beneficial professional learning experience
  • Participation in a network of mentoring school leaders benefiting from shared experience


The application process for the next round of training is now open, so please follow this link.

The closing date for applications is Friday, 18th December 2021

We look forward to hearing from you.

The CSL Team

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