Can be used as an input to the school self evaluation (SSE) process. Numeracy questionnaire for children.

Can be used as input to school self evaluation (SSE) process. Numeracy questionnaire for parents.

Includes elements such as 

  • class group reflection
  • whole school reflection
  • integration
  • music literacy
  • approaches and methodologies
    • performing
    • singing
    • composing...

As an alternative to Music Plan I. It includes

  • class-level specific objectives for each strand
  • Song Resource Log Template

    Literacy : Sequence of learning - rhythm/pitch.

The PE Exemption - Letter To Parents is stored in Policies & Plans - Parents & Pupils

Maths Policy for a Gaelscoil. Contains a section on maths language to be used and suitable 'Fearas' for each class level.

Guidelines and tips for teachers who are preparing end of year report cards/forms. Includes:

  • Preparation hints and tips
  • Sample comments 'positive/needs attention'
  • STEN explanation notes.

This version i ...

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